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We help people succeed in their data careers with online courses in R, Git and GitHub

Designed by experienced trainers, our courses help you master the software required for lucrative roles in data science, analytics and research. Shoogle will help accelerate your career in the competitive data job market, online at your own pace. Build software skills, advance your career. No fancy degree needed.

Why use R, Git and GitHub? 

For data analytics, statistical analysis and data science there isn't a better tool than R. Best of all, R is open source so it's completely free, even for commercial use. In the world of data, open source tools are more powerful than their paid for competitors.

Part of what makes R so powerful is its fantastic suite of cutting edge, custom packages. This makes working with data, plotting and building models an absolute breeze. For version control, Git is the most popular software in the world alongside the platform GitHub. R together with Git and GitHub power analytics in organisations across the world in the private, public and third sectors.

Blog posts and articles

Big data analytics with R

Neil Currie

2 February 2023

Big data analytics is a term thrown about a lot but often missing is how you practically go about things when your data get’s big. In this post I breakdown how I think about big data and the tools and packages I reach for in R when I want to read in and manipulate data, from small to large. If you want to get started with tools like vroom, data.table, Arrow, DuckDB, SQLite and Spark, and see how you can use these alongside the tidyverse then read on.

Why use Git and GitHub?

Neil Currie

23 January 2023

If you write code for your research or analysis, maybe R or Python, there’s a good chance you will have heard of Git and GitHub. But many haven’t and, in my opinion, using Git and GitHub (or a competitor like Gitlab) are essential for coding.

In this post I’ll explain what exactly Git and GitHub are, and why they are so important for high quality analysis.

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